About the Project


The main push here is to create a 180 sq. ft. closed-loop ecosystem living situation on a trailer chassis. Does that sound idealistic?  Yes.  I’m sure that there are boundaries being crossed every which way, but really, I think the end product will be able to confidently be on the move without connecting to traditional utilities, and while transforming its’ waste.  A few things that are definitely on the plate for implementation:  Solar-electric, composting toilet with bokashi, vermacomposting, hand-powered tools, wood-stove heat, greywater recycling, and much more!

This trailer, resting all cozy for the winter, is going to be the base for my tiny house on wheels.  Currently, I have a year of planning and systems research under my belt, and am waiting for the snow and cold to subside before embarking on the build.  In the meantime, a little Christmas elf built me a present to house my supplies, and the wood stove that will eventually be installed in the house so that I can continue to collect and prepare materials for the spring.


This blog has a few goals:  1st- To keep people informed about the progress I’ve made, and the solutions I’ve implemented in my own living ecosystem project.  2nd- To share information about solutions to common problems that I’ve found, but am not currently using myself.  3rd- To connect with others who are like-minded, interested, excited, etc. in order to exchange ideas, supplies, and help of every kind!

Continuous updates on progress, materials needed, and other things tiny and sustainable will be added, so check back or click the follow button to be updated automatically.  Cheers!


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