After a long hiatus, I feel the fire under my backside again…

Tiny House campaign that I'm involved in.

Tiny House campaign that I’m involved in.

My good friend Elizabeth Radl is on a tear to fund a tiny house with a big cause.  She’s a Reiki practictioner, Doula, and health educator and advocate.  This type of worthy cause deserves all the attention it can get, for the sake of grassroots change for a better-functioning, more vital and balanced society.  Remember-  change happens one small step at a time.  Lets help Liz to help us!  To view the campaign details, visit

Here’s a little snippet of her story on indigogo.


“Your role and a HUGE THANKS!
Whether you are a minimalist, tiny house enthusiast, an advocate of sustainable living, or you simply understand the value of health, I hope the purpose of this campaign resonates in your heart. We are all on this Earth together. If we can first take care of ourselves, then we can pay if forward for others. If we can pay it forward for others, we can begin to create change from the inside out.

When you support this project, you are contributing to creating sustainable change on the forefront of health, community and the environment. You are sending a message that you believe that change is possible!  I am deeply thankful for your support.

To learn more about me and my wellness services, please check out this link to my [Liz’s] personal website:


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