1.17.13 Materials Needed


This section is going to be a continually-updated appeal to all the good-natured folks out there with extra things not in use.  I am an avid free-clycler in my area, and hope you will consider it for yourself whether or not we exchange items!  (www.freecycle.org.  It’s near you- I promise!)  As I near the end of construction, I’m sure I will also be putting in a section of things I have to offer.  Stay tuned in late Spring ’13.


1)  Windows, windows, windows!!  Boy, it’s hard to frame in a wall when you don’t know what size to make the window openings!

2)  Steel studs and channel.  Preferably in full 8′ or 10′ lengths.

3)  Thin-profile dimensional lumber.  1″ by’s…

4)  Metal corrugated siding/roofing



1) Doors!  Thank you to the W.Hartford freecycle folks!

I think the horse swing wants to come inside, too...

2) Pallet wood for floor decking.  Thank you S&S Worldwide, Colchester, CT!

3) Bathroom sink and counter.  Thank you Aunt Rose!

4)  Kitchen sink.  Thank you Brenda from Thompson Street Farms!

5)  Fire Extinguisher.  Thank you Grammy and Grampy!


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